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Data is the new crude oil. We help you unleash your potential by building efficient, scalable and robust data-driven decision systems for your business

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A few of our flagship implementations of production-ready systems

Services We Offer

Data Driven Custom Implementations

End-to-End AI Systems

End-to-End AI Systems

  • Support right from Data acquisition stage
  • Model training insights & analytics
  • Fully managed post deployment support
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Advanced Analytical Systems

Advanced Analytical Systems

  • Build modular systems based on available datasets
  • MLOps and CI/CD for ML Models
  • Seamless integration with CRM / ERP softwares
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Demanding Forecasting System

Demand Forecasting Systems

  • Extract micro-macro trends in data
  • Realtime trainable prediction engine
  • Understand demand patterns ahead of time
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Our Showcase

Case Studies

Our mission is to challenge the frontier of innovation through bold and meticulous pioneer attempts aimed at solving real-world problems


Automated Quality Control

AI based assembly line solutions

Discover how Sulzer uses Atomic Loops' revolutionary adaptive vision system for robust and high speed quality control on an assembly line.

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AI Based Demographic Analysis

Consumer behaviour analytics…redefined

A leading electronics retail chain was able boast an increase in the top line revenue by deploying AI systems to understand consumer behaviour patterns through CCTV cameras.

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Pioneering AI Software Lifecycle

End-to-End Support

We aid you throughout the journey of being AI enabled

Innovative Data Ingress

Our data experts will craft a personalised data ingestion workflow

Secure Data Lakes

Perform data warehousing on secure multi-cloud datalakes

Custom Neural Engineering

Architecting deep neural network models from scratch for every use case

Cloud Agnostic

Multi-cloud or On-prem, our team helps you ensure a seamless data flow

Transparent AI

Advanced performance analytics for efficient resource utilisation

Deployment Support

Ensure smooth model deployments on elastic production systems

MLops Fine Tuning

We understand data training patterns and suggest modifications in runtime

Our Showcase

Atomic AI - The easiest AI

Product 01

Atomic AI

We jokingly call Atomic AI, the easiest AI. This is a no-code platform that helps you build robust AI models by using a drag-and-drop style interface. You just drop your data and let us worry about everything else.

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Product 02


ACMO stands for AI based Chief Marketing Officer. ACMO helps you do automatic marketing for your business. Reduce the human element in performance marketing and let ACMO do the heavy lifting.

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Product 03

Atomic GPT

Use the power of LLMs for creating efficient public outreach campaigns. Make sense of the available datasets to ensure maximum relevance in user messaging and communication strategies.

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Exploring Atomic Loops

Welcome to Atomic Loops, where the fusion of innovation and technology creates ripples of transformative solutions. As the digital age advances, we stand at the forefront, harnessing the immense power of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and the latest technologies to shape a future where data-driven decisions drive success.




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Atomic Loops helped us build AI based algorithms behind our gas sensors to text for milk adulteration at our collection plants. This got the testing time for milk batches from a few days to a few minutes

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