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Our case studies highlight just a glimpse of the potential AI and ML hold for businesses across diverse industries

Enhanced Efficiency

By automating your workflow with AI, the enhancement leads to increased efficiency and reduced bottlenecks

Real-time Monitoring

We offer real-time monitoring capabilities, enabling instant identification of on-going issues

Improved Accuracy

Our AI-driven solution significantly improves the accuracy of ML predictions, by reducing the false positives

Case Study One

Transforming Weld Quality Assessment with AI for Sulzer


Sulzer, a leader in industrial engineering, faced the challenge of ensuring the quality and integrity of welded components in their manufacturing processes. Our AI-based weld detection platform revolutionized their quality control. By analyzing images and data, it identifies welding defects with remarkable accuracy, enabling Sulzer to maintain the highest standards of product quality and safety.

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Case Study Two

Milk Adulteration Detection Using AI for Amul


Amul, a household name in dairy products, was determined to combat milk adulteration. Our AI solution, specifically tailored for milk quality analysis, detects adulterants with precision. This technology safeguards the purity of Amul's dairy products, ensuring consumer trust and product integrity.

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Case Study Three

Footfall Analysis for Elaraby

Computer Vision

Elaraby, a leading electronics retailer, sought to optimize store layouts and enhance the shopping experience. Our computer vision solution provided insights into customer behavior through footfall analysis. Elaraby can now make data-driven decisions to optimize store layouts, leading to increased customer satisfaction and sales.

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Case Study Four

Ellucian - Building Scalable Cloud Architectures

Cloud Infrastructure

Ellucian, a prominent provider of higher education software and services, needed to modernize its IT infrastructure. We collaborated to design and implement scalable cloud architectures, enabling Ellucian to deliver services efficiently and securely. This transformation has streamlined operations, reduced costs, and improved the customer experience.

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Case Study Five

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