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Legacy system SaaS migration using Containerisation

12 hours ago


Completed a large scale system migration project where a large number of users were using a traditional Java Serverlet architecture to SaaS based containerisation workloads. This migration in real time while preserving user states was critical for a business level implementation. SaaS architectures gave further flexibility to Ellucian in terms of dynamically scaling the compute capacity to suit the users needs. Features like autoscaling, load balancing, dynamic resizing was used in this implementation.


  • Ensuring compliance with privacy regulations while working with user specific data in multiple environments
  • Ensuring complete data atomicity during the migration process
  • Modernizing traditional cloud systems / processes to work with containerised workloads
  • Working within the organizational structure to ensure complete compliance and data security rules


  • A containerised version of the traditional multi-user application
  • Autoscaling and dynamic resizing on the built containers on private cloud networks
  • Building custom dynamic monitoring systems to ensure complete visibility within the container for audit teams
  • Building multiple fail-safes and redeployment systems to ensure maximum uptime
  • Completing a compliant data migration

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