Redefining Technology

Our Value Proposition

We offer wide range of services that add value to your brand or business

Advanced Insights

Understand deep embedded consumer behavioural models and uncover hidden data patterns

Improve Efficiency

Identify inefficiencies in a multi-variate system while crafting a multi-faceted solution architecture

Sustainable Carbon Footprint

Reduce carbon footprint while contributing towards the environment through our highly efficient ML training strategies

Full Stack AI

End-to-End AI System Engineering

Building and Architecting AI systems from scratch. This involves planning an optimum architecture for Neural Networks while fine tuning on the available datasets. We understand the potential in building high throughput data pipelines and advise our customers on planning for the same.

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Communication Modules

LLM Based Outreach Systems

Building integrations that work with your existing CRM solutions. These LLM based solutions harness the power of generative AI to craft innovative texts for high retention outreach attempts that are globally loved by the end users.

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Logistical Analytics

Demand Forecasting Systems

Building custom solutions for your timeseries datasets (sales, transportation, reviews, cashflow) to help you get predictive insight on the future performance of your company. We help you plan efficient transport patterns, help you stock goods better for future demand while keeping a tap on a lot of other ad-hoc patterns.

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Decisive Inputs

Advanced Analytical Systems

Once we have trained AI models through multiple facets of your business, we build derived analytical systems that give you a lot of transparency in your everyday business operations and help you make better and effective decisions.

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Data Science

Data Mining & Warehousing

Building high throughput data warehousing systems. Generating second and third order derived datasets, understanding the expansiveness of the dataset and creating technical data maps for efficient model training. Creating data lakes for efficient storage.

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Cloud Native Systems

MLOps Cloud Engineering

We understand that building a successful AI system requires great production infrastructure. We help you choose the best strategy for hosting and inferencing your AI models. The goal is to reduce cloud cost while improving on elasticity and uptime performance.

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Our Work Ethic

Data is at the core of our business processes. While we understand the true power and potential of datasets, we also understand the need to deliver solutions that boast an amazing user experience


Data Analysis

Understanding your problem and audit your datasets for feasibility


ML Architecture

Building scalable architectures for fast localisation of neural nets


ML Training

The most compute intensive step of teaching the 'machine' to 'think'



A redefined SoP based system to deploy production-ready ML models