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Real-time Footfall Analysis Using Computer Vision

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12 hours ago


Experience the future of brick-and-mortar business management with our cutting-edge Real-time Footfall Analysis Using Computer Vision. We collaborated with Elaraby to revolutionize the way businesses understand and optimize their physical spaces.


  • Ensuring compliance with privacy regulations while collecting customer data through CCTV cameras is a top priority
  • Achieving accurate demographic data and security alerts requires sophisticated computer vision algorithms
  • Data Management: Handling and processing large volumes of video data in real-time can be challenging


  • Get instant access to the total number of visitors in real-time, enabling you to monitor footfall patterns throughout the day
  • Understand the age demographics of your audience, allowing you to tailor your offerings to specific age groups
  • Visualize the most frequented paths within your premises through heatmaps, helping you optimize store layouts and product placement
  • Detects instances of stealing or robbery with a high degree of accuracy, ensuring the safety of both customers and merchandise
  • Identify which products are picked up the most and which ones are frequently returned to the shelf, enabling better inventory management and marketing decisions
  • Utilize insights to strategically place products throughout your store, encouraging customers to explore and make more purchases

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